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Voltage Control Knobs

by Brand X
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This is an voltage knob to replace diodes on internally regulated alternators with S or Sense Pins. The peak voltage will vary on manufacturer of the alternator-you have. Rating is based off the 14.8v pcm bypass regulator we sell and install in the denso based alternators we build. Some manufacturers will see 15.2-4v peak with a 14v-14.2v set point.

You will wire these to S, and then to ignition with a 5a fuse inline. There will be no individual instructions with the unit as every vehicle is different 

Lead time on these is 1-2 weeks as we catch up on order demand *these are very popular right now*


there is no return policy on this item, it is built to order. 

it is internally regulated alternators that have an external sense pin, if you do know if your alternator has an external sense pin please research that, or ask the manufacturer of the alternator you have.